PizcoH is a bakery with a daring and unique concept. Its purpose is to impress the love of good artisan bread and an appreciation for what is homemade. PizcoH seeks to attract a young market and create a pleasant, attractive, and modern environment while maintaining a balance between the new and the traditional handcraft.

The Challenge

The art of baking has been around for thousands of years. When you walk into a bakery, the pleasant smells and colorful pastries can take you to delightful places. And tasting a homemade savory treat is quite the experience. Most bakeries, however, use muted and warm colors and are often perceived as old-world and not suited for a young market.

PizcoH came to us to create a contemporary identity appealing to a younger audience while keeping the artisan and homemade tradition.

The Solution

We started looking at urban, nightlife, and neon photography to see how young audiences express themselves and understand what captivates them. From this, we experimented with bold color palettes and charming writing.

The unconventional, striking colors add flavor and fun to a brand that is flavorful and fun. The stickers take it a step further. As the main graphic elements of the brand, the stickers are conversational and add a touch of delight to the traditional craft packaging.

We created an identity that accurately reflects the essence of PizcoH. A bakery with a lighthearted, conversational tone and a love for homemade delights. With a consistent brand experience, PizcoH will stand out and resonate with its customers.

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