Your customers are not dumb

Oct 9, 2023

In this digital era researching before buying is common.

We recently bought a new iPhone 13 since we were looking for a phone with a good camera and a dual chip. My old iPhone 6s wasn’t up for that job.
Knowing how expensive Apple products are in our country, we opted to buy the phone directly from Apple.

There is an authorized ‘reseller by Apple’ store where we live and we went in because I was curious how much more expensive the phone was (it was more expensive but, surprisingly, not by much). I don’t really like shopping there since I have had bad customer service experiences before. (TBT to when my MacBook Pro’s Macsafe port burned and wasn’t charging my laptop. Took it there and they told me it might be because of a virus (what?). So I asked an aunt if she could take it to the States where Apple just gave me a new charger for free. 👏 )

We went in, asked where the iPhones were, and just looked around. The first guy was very kind. (Note: We were not going to buy anything. The phone was already on its way.)
Enters this other worker out of nowhere. I asked if they had the green iPhone 13 to which this new guy told me that the 13 didn’t come in green.
I was literally buying this same phone 3 hours ago, and I’m sure I saw a GREEN iPhone 13.

“Every series has a distinguished color and green wasn’t the 13’s.” He continued after the first guy told us that they didn’t have green, only the black and blue on display.
That was not what I asked.

I mentioned how things could change for the 13 and 14 since Apple will probably launch the 15 next month and how the 13 mini will probably disappear from their store.
“That’s not the 13 mini thought”
I am well aware.

“iPhones (Apple) never lose their value, miss”
My blood was starting to boil.

I’m pretty sure no one would like to buy my iPhone 6s, iPad 3, and MacBook Pro mid 2012. So I beg to differ. All of them still work great but there are no more updates for them.

We ended the conversation by just thanking the first guy and left.

If clients don’t know what they want, we should help and guide them to find the best outcome, solution, or service; not treat them like they are dumb (or a waste of time).


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