Three stacked ice cream eating containers branded with the Marcani brand image




Marcani is an artisan gelato and popsicles online shop. This concept identity was created to show its amazing quality through its image.

Although the original identity is good on its own, we felt that it could use a little upgrade to help fix small details like the thickness and legibility of the typography used.

concept art

brand identity
packaging design

food & drinks
ice cream


Several packed ice cream tub containers with the Marcani packaging design for vanilla and chocolate flavors


Marcani concept brand logo composed of a classical high contrast serif font with a hand drawn font that spells Gelato Gourmet in smaller text


Hand holding ice cream a Marcani branded ice cream container with scoops of pistacchio ice cream
Two Marcani branded ice cream containers in front of a blue background
Four different popsicles with transparent packaging and a Marcani sticker design
Hand holding blue bag with the Marcani logo design and a box and popsicle with the Marcani brand image
Two boxes stacked with two different Marcani packaging design styles
Blue ackaging design for Marcani´s gelato for dogs on the one side and a close up of a dogs face on the other side

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