Babymania brand logo composed of a classical high contrast serif font and two circles next to it (one pink and one blue)




Babymania is an apparel and accessory store for babies and toddlers with the biggest and most recognized brands. Babymania seeks to create a friendly and welcoming environment for moms and their little ones while offering stylish products.

The Challenge

A mother’s love is like no other. And mothers show their love in many ways. One of those is fashion, which is a form of expression. It is easy to understand why mothers choose fashionable clothing for their babies. It is a way moms express their love. They want their little ones to feel comfy and look stylish. So the world can see their children with the same eyes they do.

Babymania wants to be in that sweet spot between the playful side of children and the charm of fashion.

The Solution

With “playful fashion” as our strategy, we set out to marry two qualities often divided, making the brand feel stylish and friendly.
We used a confident serif for a traditional and classical look. The circles make it playful and lively. The interaction between these two makes a flexible, dynamic brand. The circles can expand, shrink, bounce, and interact with all the brand’s touchpoints.
The brand identity captures the personality of Babymania as a store with fashionable clothing and lovely care for moms and their darlings.

brand identity
packaging design

kids & apparel


Several sticker designs for Babymania with varying shapes and colors on a soft vanilla background
Babymania icon pattern composed of the letter B and two circles next to the letter
Babymania business card design with the icon logo and contact information on a pink background
Two tag designs for Babymania, one with the logo icon and one with the slogan todo para bebes
Babymania logo pattern over a pinkish background
"Playful Fashion" written with a playful san serif and a classical serif
"Baby Designer" written with a playful san serif and a classical serif
Three round Babymania stickers: one blue sticker, one pink sticker, and one white sticker with the logo icon on it
Three Babymania button designs: one with logo icon, one blue one with a phrase, and one pink one with the brand slogan
Four Babymania bag designs (two white and two craft) with logo and logo pattern printed on it with a blue background
Two wrapping paper designs with Babymania logo patterns printed across paper
Two Babymania gift bag designs with logo and logo pattern printed on it alongside blue and pink balls as decoration
Tote bag on the ground with the Babymania logo pattern design printed across all of it and a stitch yellow pocket on it
White tote bag design with the Babymania logo pattern design printed across all of it and a stitch yellow pocket on it
Street advertisement of a pair of green baby shoes with the phrase "la aventura comienza" and the Babymania logo on it
Babymania box packaging design with the logo icon pattern used as a sticker
Babymania slogan "todo para bebés" written in black on a pinkish background a blue and pink circles as decoration

Client Feedback

I was very pleased with the work received from Studio Mondos, they really fulfilled my expectations with the work, nice attention, and timely delivery.

I would make use of their services again. I recommend them 100%!

Karen Mejía, Founder, Babymanía

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